Disappointed, yet again, after a trip to your local mart’s pet section? On the lookout for better stuff for your furry companion, be it a cute pug or a twinkly-eye Siamese?

Let’s put it out there, we pet-owners shop more for our pets than for ourselves at times! And a dedicated destination to cater to all pet essentials had been the need of the hour. Lo and behold…                                                    we put together PetsBayy  for you, which stocks the A to Z of essential pet supplies, hand-picked, chosen and stocked… for parents and pets. PetsBayy  is a gift from one pet-owner to another.

OUR mission is to help people Shop the Best Products for pets.

Founding PetsBayy

PetsBayy which was founded in early 2020 by SAT AMERICANA LLC.

An answered call to all those pet-owners – like our founders – who spend hours in pet-dedicated aisles for essentials like food, leashes, toys, accessories … yet were somehow not satisfied with limited range of products there.

With PetsBayy, the founders aim to provide the A to Z of pet supplies, complete with quality medicines, litter, grooming tool & products, toys, treats, hygiene products, pet care products, travel products and other accessories.

As animal lovers ourselves, the core value on which we based this portal is to provide all animals with not just nutritious and quality food options but safe, tested products which will not cause any allergy or discomfort to pets and its owners.

In addition to providing unparalleled and speedy services, delivered right at your doorstep, PetsBayy also ensures money back guarantee and facilitates all customers with in-built, high response Live Chat and call center services. 

When we first launched PetsBayy, we endeavored to stock all assorted items and supplies one usually doesn’t find in pet-dedicated aisles, stores or other online portals. Any product we deem unfit or unsuitable for our own pets or as animal lovers, never make it to our online categories.

PetsBayy has made the search for dedicated pet articles easy with assorted, well-categorized slides and sections. Different categories of pet articles can be easily accessed on our website, which is kept user-friendly keeping in mind the needs of senior citizens who have become our regular customers. At PetsBayy, we treat your furry friends as our designated customers and here, they are provided the best of their world.

What We Offer

Nation-wide Delivery

We do door-to-door deliveries nationwide and prioritize urgent orders. Only reliable delivery vendors/services are used by PetsBayy so that your package reaches you in perfect condition and on time.

Coronavirus SOPs

We are living in uncertain times due to the pandemic and have taken it upon ourselves to follow state-mandated SOPs in the storage, stocking and delivery of the products to you. Your pet’s and your safety is our number one priority.

24/7 Customer Service

We are here to tend to all your pet-related queries. Customers can reach out to us anytime on the inbuilt Live Chat on our website or by calling us on our hotline.

Value Added Services

All products stocked have fair and reasonable pricings. Furthermore, we ensure our customers get value added service on each delivery. Every now and then, customers can avail discount/promo codes.

Food & Assortments For All Pets

Pets Bayy is a one-stop-solution for all kinds of pets and not just cats or dogs! You will find extensive categories dedicated to birds, fish and other pet animals. We love and cater to all animals!